smiling musician bentley grattan wedding

Hey Hey!

I'm Bentley Grattan.

I'm a wedding musician, travel addict, physiotherapist and adventure loving small town country kid. 

Although I look like I'm still in high school I've been keeping it real since '95.


In fact, it still is my hobby and always will be, because I do it for fun and love every second of it! 

I grew up with an old guitar with 5 strings and 4 tuning nobs in the cupboard at home, which was great for playing 'Smoke On the Water', but not much more.


At age 8, my parents got me a little blue guitar for my birthday and signed me up to guitar lessons. From then I've never looked back! I didn't start singing until 10 years later and it didn't take long to start making a name for myself as a musician. 

Although I moved to Bendigo to study physio, I was better known as a musician and probably that annoying guy on campus who'd always be playing music for a study break. I played my first 'paid' gig while busking in August of 2014 and soon turned that into a regular gig, playing across the state with multiple gigs every weekend. 

Once I finished uni in 2017, that's when I really started to work on weddings and fell in love with them. Since then, it has been my main gig; going to weddings and performing to the families and friends of beautiful couples.

I never had any plans with music, it was always just a hobby... 

Although I went to uni to study physiotherapy, most of my friends and family thought I went to uni to pursue a career in music. 


I am still working as a physiotherapist during the week as I love helping people and enjoy the diversity. The rest of the time I'm on an adventure or playing music!

I am not the kind of person who lives and breathes music and makes it my whole entire life. I'm a real person just like you! Having the chance to meet new people daily, connect with them and help them is what lead me into the wedding scene. I like being able to go on adventures, meet people and explore new places - music gives me the chance to do all of this and more.

If I can put a smile on your face and create an atmosphere of love and excitement where each person feels like they are completely living in the moment, then I consider my job well done.