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Q – Can we request songs for the ceremony and reception?

A – Of course you can and I encourage it! You need to add those personal touches which I would love to help you with. If it is an acoustic song that you want me to learn, or if you want the original played through the speakers.


Q – What is your style of music?

A – play a huge variety of songs to meet the requests of the audience. My personal favourites are in the style of folk (think Ziggy Alberts and Jack Johnson) with some contemporary RnB/Pop (Khalid, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber sort of tones).


Q – Where are you from?

A – I live on the sunny Gold Coast and call this beautiful part of the world home! Previous to April 2021, I have been living in Bendigo down in Victoria and still pop home to visit friends and family. Despite this, my gigs are all being booked around the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast and I am no longer booking gigs in Vitoria; if I'm going home it is to spend time with my family and friends.


Q – How far will you travel?

A – I love to travel and adventure in my spare time, so I am all for a road trip! Please let me know where you plan to get married. There may be additional costs, but we can discuss this upon booking.


Q – What songs will you play throughout the wedding and do we need to choose the playlist?

A – I have over 7500 songs pre-loaded onto my DJ decks and am constantly adding to it. I suggest putting together a spotify playlist of some of your favourite songs. Then you can share this with me so I can get a better idea of some of your MUST have songs and all-time favourites to create a personalist playlist. I also take requests on the day of the event of course. You can leave it all up to me too if you don’t know, it’s what I do anyway!


Q – We have a band for the reception, can you play up until they start?

A – Yes I can set up my own equipment out of the way of the band to play prior to them starting. Check out my Little love package for more details.


Q – Your package options don’t have what we need. Can we customise them?

A – For sure you can! What are your ideas? I would love to hear them to work with you to make it all run smoothly


Q – Do you supply the speakers and equipment?

A – I most certainly do! I have a PA system that will require to be plugged into a power point. I also have a smaller battery power speaker which is perfect for more intimate moments like the ceremony and can also be used for the canapes section.